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Efficient aid for bus disruption conditions next to Stockholm

The vehicle hire office Europe Buses Stockholm organizes immediate aid for coach operators who need to face any form of issues during driving all around Stockholm and Sweden. If you ever encounter a coach collapse, an apparatus issue or a shortfall of driver time of your original driver, our friendly team is available to deploy replacement buses or an additional coach driver quickly. Steer clear of the task of despairingly needle from the hay picking for near bus owners and check that you don't let your people get delayed needlessly. Because of our quick reaction, they will be able to catch their other motorbus rapidly and pick up where they left off with their group excursion without further delays.

Get prompt relief if by surprise your current coach fails on the road

There are probably only few events which are as embarrasing as a vehicle complication during a tour. Whether it is a mechanical predicament, a mechanism damage of the bus, the climate control flawed, a blowout of your tires or your coach driver finishing the maximum legal driver time - the enumeration of likely unfolding bus defect circumstances is extensive. City Tours Europe takes care of quick aid for akin incidents in Sweden and in the neighboring regions. Should you ever undergo a coach defect, our agency can help you rent available stand-in vehicles from Stockholm as well as from the area of entire Stockholm county. The best scheme in case you are in need of aid is very logical: immediately when you realise that you are going to be in a disruption event, please feel free to call us in at . Describe us the group tour you are looking for, plus the quantity of persons to be transported, as well as the total amount of cargo , the meeting place and the dropoff location. Our emergency operators will notify you when at the earliest we can have a replacement vehicle be at the defect point and what the price of the replacement coach will sum up to. As a next step, you may determine whether or not you order the surrogate bus which we have got.

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Data you are required to devise if you encounter a bus deficit near Stockholm

The more information you supply us, the more smoothly we are capable to aid you and your guests. Our well-experienced SOS bureau is accustomed to solve problems efficiently, quickly and reliably. It is even easier for our operators to give assistance to if you facilitate the lives of our personnel by telling us all the suitable parameters relating to your bus collapse. The succeeding pieces of information are necessary to speed us up:

Area of emergency: When you provide us information on the coordinates of your passengers'disruption, a most specific details are very highly appreciated. Stockholm county is a somewhat extended land, and we cannot guess among the several thinkable places to meet a party of tourists from. If possible, tell us at the minimum the street name and number of house. The GPS coordinates would be much better, to accelerate things.

Coach program to be fulfilled: Our relief services are as distinct as the probable motives for the bus deficit. You can request a substitute for just a short ride, a sightseeing tour within Stockholm, a passenger ride to another city in Stockholm county or even for a more than one day fire-brigade. Check that you signal the option you wish for when reserving the coach replacement.

Important data of the strandes voyagers to be transferred: Essential details that you need to provide us: amount of passengers and total amount of cargo to be moved, origin of the people, anomalous specifications ( by way of example kiddy seats, trailers for excess luggage etc. ). The more exhaustive your parameters are, the more efficiently we can aid you and untie your difficulty by sending forth the most appropriate surrogate bus.